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Finding My Inner Strength

I have been sidelined the last two days.

There is no telling how long I will be out of commission. 

I don’t really want to get in to ALL the fine details of everything that’s going on, but I will tell you that I haven’t been outside of a 30ft radius from my bed. Yes, it’s that bad. It’s not just one thing wrong either, there are several things going on. If I were to count them, which I shall, I have four things specifically going on. One to each arm, one to my right calf (pulled muscle) and one to my abdomen (freak intestinal disease). All of which are out of my control, which is the hardest part. None of these plaguing injuries are something I can just take a magic medicine for and make it all better. It’s hitting all my extremities and even my center point. Oh injuries and disease you are very clever.

I have actually been rendered immobile by injuries/disease. It’s unreal. I’m not so good at feeling helpless.

Could I be sad? Sure. Could I be depressed? Sure. Could I be upset? Sure.

Will I be? Hell no.

Here it comes my friends. My optimism awesomism.

There was no way in hell I would be resting my body unless I had been sidelined. I’m thankful. Thank you injuries and disease for giving my body a break to recover so that I may come out of this stronger. Thank you for letting me see that I have worked myself so hard that the only way I am able to rest is if I can’t move. Thank you for instilling in my a growing fire to get better so that I may become greater than I was, once I am healthy. You may me able to slow me down, but you’ll never stop me. This won’t sideline me for good and I am just biding my time. In fact, you’ll only making me stronger mentally.

Life is a game of mental warfare and in which you can either crumble or you can conquer. I prefer the latter for I am a warrior.