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Your Greatest Possibilities

What you need, others need as well. What you desire, so do others desire too. Following your dreams is not greedy. Pursuing your most deeply held desires is not selfish, for in so doing you also serve to fulfill the dreams and desires of those around you.

What you do to make yourself the best you can be will benefit others, most likely even more than it benefits you. What you do to serve others will likewise benefit you as well.

When you sincerely examine your desires, you’ll find that you have at least as much, and probably even more desire to give of yourself as to receive. Surely you have yearned to be of use, to make a difference, to express yourself. And how would these be possible if not in the service of others?

Be the best you can be and you make your world the best it can be. Truly make a positive difference and you’ll fulfill your greatest possibilities.

The Steps To Success

Even the most difficult challenge can be broken down into finite, easily accomplished steps. People who only take some of those steps will fall short of the goal. Those who are willing to take all the steps will enjoy success.

Some people will often take a few steps and then stop, complaining about how unfair life is. Others will take some steps in one direction, grow bored, and then start off in another direction, only to become disillusioned.

The only way to success is to go all the way to success. Take one step after another until you are there. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. It doesn’t take exceptional strength to get it done. What it takes is desire and commitment. You have them if you choose to use them.

The path to any success is in front of you, and you are free to travel that path, one step at a time. Each step is within your reach. It’s up to you to take them all, every one of them.