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Don’t Listen To Magazines

Here’s the truth: almost all major muscle magazines own or are owned by a supplement company. Men’s Fitness, Flex and Shape magazine are all owned by Weider Global Nutrition, a major supplement company founded by Joe Weider himself. These magazines will on purpose put you on those isolation split routines that only work if you were born with amazing genetics or if you’re using steroids. Their goal is for you to not get any results, so you eventually start to believe that supplements are truly the missing ingredient. Frankly, these magazines are plain advertisements disguised as information.

The bad news is that most supplements are useless. The ones who claim drug-like results can’t work or they’d be classified as drugs by the FDA. Supplements will never be more than powdered foods. Profit margins are obviously huge when you sell people pills that do nothing, that’s why they can spend so much money on outrageous advertising.

Not all magazines are of course owned by supplements companies. But almost all of them have supplement ads and rely on them for their revenue. It would be very stupid for them to tell you that supplements don’t work as it would offend the companies spending tens of thousands of dollars each month on ads, and thus put the magazine out of business.

Some magazines don’t run supplement ads at all. Yet they will still mislead you with their “workout of the month” in every issue, justifying this by claiming that it is imperative to confuse your muscles. The truth is that muscle confusion is a marketing gimmick intended to make you buy each new issue of that magazine. Why do you think they feature a new “workout” each month? And why do you think there are now also websites that have started to give you their “workout of the day” or “workout of the week”? They’re all shamelessly trying to get you hooked so you come back for more.

But it’s not because muscle confusion sells that it also works. It is a scientific fact that muscle size is directly related to strength gains. Remember: Arnold Schwarzenegger could Deadlift 710lbs before he became 7x Mr Olympia. And I assure you you won’t get that strong by switching exercises, sets and reps all the time. You just can’t master technique or track gains efficiently.

Fact is, if you really want to confuse your muscles, here’s a simple way to achieve this:

Lift more weight than you did last time. Now they’re confused.



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