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I live in Oklahoma.

I am located not 15 miles from where this storm took place today. Back in 1999 on May 3rd a violent tornado ripped through the EXACT areas that the one today did and took 36 lives on that date in 1999.

All of my family members are accounted for, but there are many, many people in my state without homes, power, transportation, or anything that they’ve known for their entire lives. They are missing their own family and friends.

Moore, OK looks like an apocalyptic style warzone.

I hope that any of my followers out there that live here in Oklahoma are safe and well. These tornado outbreaks have also ripped through some of Texas and Kansas, so again for all of you living in those areas as well I hope that you and your family are safe and sound.

This tornado today, what they are saying is the worst one in history, ripped through neighborhoods, elementary schools, hospitals, businesses, and farms. The devastation here is unreal. There are so many children and people still missing.

Now, the point of this post. I am asking for help for my state. Please help. Not for me, but for my neighbors, friends, and for people who are in desperate need. Please.

The best way to assist families is to make a donation to or or by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. If you’d like to donate to Salvation Army instead you can text STORM to 80888.


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    Tornado barely missed me. Two blocks away from my house. Front of my neighborhood is gone. Still no power and our water...
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