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Don’t Listen To Magazines pt. 2

These are tweets by Scott Welch, the owner of the magazine Muscle Insider. This magazine, Muscle Insider, is apparently the #1 Canadian bodybuilding magazine. 

It is also apparently full of more broscience than you can even imagine. If the owner of the magazine believes this stuff and has never done his research I can’t even begin to guess what would be published on the inner pages.

SCOTT WELCH (@WelchScott):
Squats do build mass. But they also build mass on your butt which may not be ideal for guys. Hack squats and leg presses are a better option!/WelchScott/sta…35572216700930


SCOTT WELCH (@WelchScott):
Limit your carb intake to 30g each meal!/WelchScott/st…35841088372739

Unfortunately, he’s not joking.

Don’t listen to magazines because the majority of people that own and publish them have not done their research. I recommend doing the research yourself and then you’ll find you’re able to sift through the broscience much better. Also, find credible writers, researchers and people that are the beacons of truth out there. Follow what they say, but please question WHY and keep researching for yourself. Even some of your favorite “experts” will be incorrect or have a different opinion than you from time to time.

Don’t Listen To Magazines pt. 1


  1. mllemouse said: #1?! NOOOOO it’s definitely not! This guy is a douche.
  2. jsireatsalot reblogged this from thespartanwarrior and added:
    True. I feel the same way.. Those magazines are all about different fancy exercises, and magic pills..too little info...
  3. blissmanifesto said: "broscience" LOL!! Made my morning.
  4. bleacherbummed said: Does Men’s Health count, as well?
  5. iyfit said: Why do you think limiting your carb intake to 100g a day is such a terrible thing? I’m just curious :)
  6. motivationforfitness said: I read this on your tweet deck yesterday. I’m pretty sure Scott Welch needs to go missing (along with Dr. Oz.) We should start a fund to buy them a Bermuda Triangle cruise trip.
  7. thespartanwarrior posted this

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